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OptiMAL-IT Individual Rapid Malaria Test

A reference tool for the detection of plasmodium antigens (pLDH) using monoclonal antibodies for individual diagnosis and for therapy control

Malaria is by far the world's most important tropical parasitic disease, and kills more people than any other communicable disease. The causative agents in humans are the following species: P.falciparum, P.vivax, P.ovale and P.malariae.

DiaMed OptiMAL-IT is an immuno-chromatographic test, using monoclonal antibodies against the metabolic enzyme pLDH (parasite lactate dehydrogenase) of Plasmodium spp. These Mabs are classified in two groups:

1) one specific for Plasmodium falciparum

2) and the other is a pan-specific Mab which reacts with for all four species of Plasmodium spp. which can occur in human beings: P.falciparum, P.vivax, P.ovale, P.malariae.

In case of presence of Plasmodium spp. in the blood sample, the pLDH captured by the conjugate reacts with the specific antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum and/or Plasmodium spp.

This rapid test is now individually packed, suitable for field's use.
A reference tool, that can be used for diagnostic, pre-donation screening (Transfusion Centers in endemic areas) and for therapy monitoring purposes.

We can detect all four species of malaria in 20 minutes !

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OptiMAL-IT Individual Rapid Malaria Test (12 or 24 tests’ kit)
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OptiMAL Rapid Malaria Test (48 tests' kit)
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